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RXPE CMS Conversion

Client: Trailblazer PR
Task: CMS Hosting Responsive

Although we didn't do the original design for the RXPE website, this project was interesting because it involved taking an existing website, built in an outdated, foreign language (Chinese) CMS system and rebuilding it in a modern, English CMS - enabling the UK based division to update their own content easily and quickly whilst maintaining the integrity of the existing design. We also made the new website responsive as an added bonus!

Reworking of the website was undertaken by RBDesign, our web design business partner.

The site is now hosted on our dedicated, fast, UK based web server to enable local UK based staff fast access to web based data.

The site is complex and extensive and regularly updated by RXPE staff. It is hosted under our 'Intermediate' option which starts at £240 p/s +VAT

RXPE Website